A Texas inmate was apprehended by authorities when he was trying to get back into prison with a bag of alcohol, tobacco, and home-cooked food.

US Mashals and Jefferson County deputies set up a surveillance operation after being tipped off that inmates at a federal prison in Beaumont were escaping through the rear of the prison, crossing into local farmland to pick up contraband to bring back into the prison.

During their stakeout, officers saw a car pull up to a property neighboring the prison and drop off a duffel bag. Two hours later an inmate, 25-year-old Joshua Hansen, was seen running across the property, picking up the bag. According to the New York Post, Hansen was apprehended while trying to get back into the prison with the bag that contained three bottles of brandy, a bottle of whiskey, tobacco, packaged snacks, fruit sausages, chicken, rice, and vegetables.

Jefferson County Sheriff’s Deputy Marcus McLellan noted that this arrest has shed light on a growing problem of inmates easily leaving the prison and bringing contraband back in. Hansen, who was already in jail on narcotics charges, is facing additional charges of escape and possession of marijuana.

Food contraband (Jefferson County Sheriff's Office)
Food contraband (Jefferson County Sheriff's Office)

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