Pop-inflected country up-and-comer Filmore finds the positive aspects of a breakup in "Nothing's Better," a breezy, windows-down new single that celebrates freedom.

With the helpful of a playful snap track and twangy guitar riffs, Filmore delivers a sassy declaration of independence in this tune, realizing that even though his ex may think she's breaking his heart, he's ultimately going to be better off without her.

The singer doesn't shy away from his pop influences in "Nothing's Better," which would be at home in Sam Hunt's discography or in a house party playlist. Though the Missouri native has been in Nashville since 2011, honing his chops among some of the country industry's most in-demand co-writers, his creative strengths lie more in innovation than they do in tradition.

"I grew up listening to all types of music — my parents' music and the radio stations in my hometown. From high school to college and even after moving to Nashville, my musical influences continue to grow," he explains in a press release. "The motto I try to follow when writing and recording is, 'Anything but typical.'"

That's also a fair description of State I'm In, Filmore's full-length studio debut, which arrived in September 2020. The project includes "Nothing's Better" as well as other fan-favorite tracks, like "Slower." The tracks on the project stretch boundaries stylistically, and also offer a healthy sampling of different moods and subject matter topics.

"This album is a look into my life over the last few years. It's the ups and downs in relationships, experiences from my hometown, life on the road and living in Nashville," the singer says. "I wrote every song from a real and personal place with amazing writers and friends. My hope is that you can listen to this album from start to finish and know who Filmore is by the end ... Every one of these songs represents a moment in time that made me who I am today."

Did You Know?: The sentiment behind "Nothing's Better" may be a part of his past, but Filmore's love life is much sweeter these days. He's a newlywed who tied the knot with his girlfriend of three years, Paige Korte, in October 2020.

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Filmore's "Nothing's Better" Lyrics:

You think you took the sun with you when you walked out / You think you stole the silver lining right out of my clouds / You thought that poppin' my tires would stop me getting around / Naw, you should see me now / No more of you calling and checking up on me / And it feels so good, feels so good...


Nothing's better than us not together / 'Cause the best kind of me is me without you / Pockets heavy with free time and money / This double turned single life is going down smooth / We were falling for love, and yeah we thought it was something / Turns out something was nothing / And nothing's better

You thought you took all the good out of that goodbye / I thought I'd bring you your things, but I just left 'em outside / You thought I'd see you looking Friday night fine and want one more try / Naw, oh I'm done being that guy / 'Cause the feeling of freedom was watching you leaving / And it feels so good, feels so good...

Repeat Chorus x 2 

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