Houston Showdown: Five Women Settle Dispute with Fists Outside Popular Restaurant

Soul Food by Catherine is a staple of the Houston Soul Food Scene. They are the home of fried ribs and drive-thru soul food.

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A few ladies who recently visited the establishment served up more than just a bowl of piping hot seafood gumbo.


Let's Get Ready to Rumble

As the video at the bottom of this article opens, one of the gals in a blue dress makes a run at the woman in a red shirt. Blue Dress takes a swing and misses, ending up in a heap on the concrete.


Let's Dance

Two of the combatants break off and head towards the lefthand side of our view. These two seem to forget they were fighting and appear to begin to slowly dance with one another. It's beautiful, actually.


And The Winner Is...

Back on the other side of the concrete ring, two other ladies are really going at it! Fists and hair are flying everywhere. 


At this point, the fight is about to end, when one of the ladies comes up from behind as another is trying to walk away and just sucker punches her in the side of the head. As the recently punched lady turns to defend herself, a car comes driving up in between the two. 

Check out the video below:


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