The hook of Frank Ray's debut single on Stoney Creek Records is his voice, and that's never a bad thing. "Country'd Look Good on You" catches fire at the chorus, when he turns his plain-spoken, rhythmic pickup line into something soulful.

"I bet country'd look good on you," Ray sings again and again throughout this effortless recording. The first note finds him holding "I" just a bit too long at a register much higher than you'd expect if you thought you had him pegged as the next hot thing to toss hackneyed compliments at a woman. Cole Taylor and company have hardly found a new way to tell a girl she's good looking, but it's good enough for Ray.

In fact, you get the sense he could make just about any combination of words and sounds into something melodic and pleasing by the end of "Country'd Look Good on You." There's subtle movement within notes and phrases that indicate some formal training along the way. He's like a more excited Chris Stapleton or a more chill Bruno Mars during this song, and others on his artist page at Spotify. We'll recommend the Latin-sounding "Streetlights" as a true point of entry for this artist.

Did You Know?: Frank Ray is a former police officer whom fans cheered for on the USA network's Real Country.

Stoney Creek Records

Frank Ray's "Country'd Look Good on You" Lyrics:

You look good in them lights / You look good in them heels / You look good in that dress you got dressed up in to kill / You look good sipping that wine / Behind that velvet rope / But damn I'd love to see you on an old back road.

I bet country'd look good on you / Tearing up an old two-lane or two / Stars shouldn't cross them baby blues / I bet country'd look good on you / Talking county lines, in the middle of nowhere / Talking out of town, letting down your wild hair / If I get to loving on you like I want to / I bet country'd look good on you.

Talking blanket in the bed / Underneath them pines / Once we get out there girl we're gonna stay out there all night / Full moon shining on you / Night sky so clear / To get you where I want you because it ain't in here.

Repeat Chorus

I let you steal my heart / Dancing in that dirt / Wrap you in my arms / Let you wake up in my shirt.

Repeat Chorus

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