What's the one thing you need most after a big night out partying with your friends? OK, the one thing after your favorite hangover remedy or steaming cup of coffee. A nice long shower.

Now you can take that nice long morning after shower with a big bar of Lone Star Soap.

Big Texas Beer Soap from Duke Cannon is made in partnership with Lone Star Beer, the National Beer of Texas. And before you ask, no, it does not smell like beer. According to their promotional material it has a "nice sandalwood scent that smells downright fantastic."

Duke Cannon is an American company that prides itself in making the finest men's grooming products and proudly declares that they're tested by soldiers, not boy bands and that the word "salad" should never be next to the word "bar."

The soap itself comes in a Texas sized 10 ounce cake and you can order it online here for $9.50.

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