Texas Showdown: Skateboards Become Unlikely Weapons in Heated Dispute

The video at the bottom of this article was recorded in Seguin, Texas, a small city just east of San Antonio.

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We will be breaking down this cinematic masterpiece without any context whatsoever.

Lets Get Ready to Rumble

The video opens right smack dab in the middle of the action. A man can be seen running from his truck at a couple of skater kids. This man looks like he means business. He was in such a hurry to whoop some butt that he didn't even shut the door to his truck.


Two on One

It looks like he is charging the skater in the red shirt, but before he can land a single blow, the skater in the black shirt steps in between and swings his skateboard wildly at the man's head.


Know When to Quit

This dude keeps charging over and over, each time narrowly missing getting wacked in the head by a skateboard time after time.

Blue Shirt Guy is bound and determined to get a shot in on this kid. He just does not seem to realize he is outmatched. It's two against one and they have weapons, buddy! Just walk away!

Check out the video below:


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