These days it seems almost everyone has some sort of side hustle to bring in a little extra money. If only there was a side hustle that didn't actually involve doing anything. You know, maybe someone paying you to take a nap or something.

Well ... There is.

Eachnight, an online guide for mattresses and bedding resources, is looking for some professional nappers. They'll even pay you $1,500.

This would be a 30-day gig and you'd be responsible for testing theories about the best nap duration time, how groggy or motivated you felt afterward, even memory and productivity related to your napping experience. You'd also need to be open to a video call before and after the naps to answer questions about your experiences and  results.

Lest you think this is all foolishness, there is some actual scientific research behind this sleepy study. published an article stating, "Naps are short daytime sleep episodes that are evolutionarily conserved across diverse diurnal species ranging from flies to polyphasic mammals. In human adults, daytime napping is highly prevalent in Mediterranean cultures and is also common in non-Mediterranean countries including the United States."

I'm not quite sure what all that means, my eyes glazed over halfway through, but it sure sounds impressive.

There is also some pretty strong evidence that napping is genetic, so if your parents napped, now you know why you want to.

If the idea of becoming a professional napper - and getting paid to do it - sounds like a good side hustle for you, just apply online on Eachnight's website.

You must be at least 18 years old and have strong English writing skills so you can carry out the reviews and understand their instructions.

The application deadline is May 31, 2021.

Sweet dreams.

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