As the world becomes ever more strange and unbelievable, wouldn't it be nice to get out on a mountain trail and away from the madness? You know, like those memes on social media that say, "Would you live here without electricity, running water, or wi-fi for six months for a million dollars?" This is kinda like that, but actually legit.

Devil's Backbone Brewing Company is looking for someone to hike the Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine for them as their CHO. That's Chief Hiking Officer. As CHO you'd be responsible for hiking the trail, documenting your journey, and throwing some epic parties - with Devil's Backbone Beer, of course.

Devil's Backbone will hook you up with all of the gear you'll need and they'll even pay you $20,000 for your effort. Yup, they will pay you to go take a hike.

If you love beer,  hiking, throwing parties, are active on social media, and you're ready to tackle the Appalachian Trail, this could be your best job ever.

Devil's Backbone Brewery is nestled in Virginia's Blue Ridge Mountains and has been making and serving craft beers to locals and visitors for several years.

Because of the pandemic, parts of the Trail are closed at the moment but the entire trail will hopefully be open by next summer when this job begins. You apply via a one minute video demonstrating why you should be Devil's Backbone Beer's new Chief Hiking Officer. You can submit your video here.


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