I love surveys. When the right questions get asked they reveal some of the most unexpected information. For instance, a recent OnePoll survey revealed that since the global pandemic began in earnest we've spent an extra two hours a day sitting on our couch.

Yes, throughout the 32 weeks our couch, sofa, or davenport has become one of our favorite spots in the house. We use it for working from home, we use it when we're playing board games with the rest of the people we're hiding out with, and it's a central aspect of our perfect evening - which also involves food delivered to our door and Netflix on the big screen.

The survey, according to a story on DigitalHub, also revealed some other insights into our every day lives.

Did you know that the sofa is now our second most prized piece of furniture? The top five faves are our bed, our sofa, our lounge chair, our coffee table, and our home office furniture. That last one has been getting a lot more attention this year, too.

Speaking of home offices, 61% of the respondents said they sofa is their main workstation when 'working' from home.

Most of our sofas are about 7 years old and about half of us would really like to get a new one but don't want to spend the money right now.

I'm not sure what this says about our four legged fur babies, but 70% now say that their sofa is their best friend.

When you add up those extra two hours a day over the last 32 weeks you get a grand total of 448 hours per person.

That may just be a major factor in the COVID-19 that so many of us have packed on since March.

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