Go ahead and file this in the Things I Never Knew Existed But Now Can't Live Without category.

Allow me to introduce to you, Gong Master Sven and the 80 inch Symphonic Gong from Paiste. That's just over six and a half feet of ginormous gong.

If you were expecting him to hammer away at it with that big mallet he's got in his hand you'll be disappointed. If you're a fan of weird and unexpected sounds that didn't come from some sort of digital synthesizer sit back and enjoy.

Sven begins by gently tapping the gong near the center. And I do mean gently. With just a few taps the giant metal plate begins to reverberate and the swelling sound fills the room.

Eventually he quiets the gong by placing his hands along the edge to calm the vibrations and picks up a new tool, either a rub mallet or wand. Whichever tool it is, when he drags it across the surface of the gong it makes a completely different beautifully musical sound.

Symphonic gongs are typically made of hammered bronze or brass and 80 inch models like this are apparently the largest size possible. All of them are completely hand crafted. In case you're wondering, The Gong Shop has these online for a mere $27,720.

If you're wondering how to become a Gong Master I have absolutely no idea.

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