As the stay at home or shelter in place orders are slowly being phased out businesses are beginning to open up again, here's a chance to do something a little bit different, actually leave the house, and still exercise safe social distancing practices.

The Graham Drive-In Movie Theater is showing Call of the Wild this Friday, Saturday and Sunday night (May 1, 2, 3).

If you've never been to a drive-in movie before, here's how it works. You find an open space to park your car, get out your lawn chairs, sit in front of your vehicle and watch the movie an a giant outdoor screen.

There are some restrictions how things can be done right now so the Graham Drive-In is limiting each show to the first 60 vehicles that show up and they're requiring two empty slots between each vehicle.

They also ask that you stay in the immediate area of your car and don't roam around or socialize closely with other moviegoers.

There will be a limited menu of hot dogs, nachos, popcorn and soft drinks available from the concession stand and they'll explain how that works when you get there. Restrooms are limited to only one person at a time unless you have a child that needs assistance so you might want to go easy on the soft drinks.

If everything goes well they hope to be showing movies regularly as the weather warms up for the summer. The Graham Drive-In is always family friendly, so bring the kids with you and make an outing of it. This weekend's shows are just one movie, the ticket booth opens at 7:30 and the film will start around 8:30 when it gets dark enough to see the screen clearly.

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