Not long ago Garth Brooks announced that he'd be doing a live concert and showing it at Drive In movie theaters across the nation. Here in Wichita Falls we were crossing our fingers and rubbing our lucky rabbit's feet that at least one of the Drive In theaters within driving distance would be on the list.

Then the Graham Drive In announced earlier this week that they would be one of the venues showing this totally 2020 concert event.

Graham Drive In via Facebook
Graham Drive In via Facebook

After the announcement the Graham Drive In was flooded with questions and answered them on their Facebook page.

As with all shows at the Graham Drive In there will be no outside food or drink allowed. The concession stand is one of the primary ways they pay the bills and we want them to stay open.

This is a video concert performed specially for Drive In theaters and Garth will not actually be in Graham this Saturday.

The Graham Drive In did not set the ticket price, that was set by Garth's promoters and is $100 per car. You can have as many people in the car as you have seat belts for. Suddenly that mini-van is looking really good for a Drive In movie.

Tickets are only available through Ticketmaster.

There will be TWO shows. The first one at 9:15 p.m. and the second at 11:59 p.m. Your ticket is only for ONE of those performances so if you attend the first showing please leave so those with tickets for the late showing can find a space.

As with all shows at the Graham Drive In absolutely no alcohol will be allowed.

According to Ticketmaster the Brazos Drive-In in Granbury, Texas, will also be hosting this event with the same two showtimes.

This is one of those whodathunkit events that 2020 is becoming famous for and a once in a lifetime opportunity to be a part of.

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