What's that they say about revenge being a dish best served cold?

It's too bad we don't actually see the dude in this video because we'd like to know what he looks like so if we ever run across him we cant give him a standing ovation or bow down before him -- whichever one feels right. He deserves that kind of respect.

The guy learned his girlfriend had cheated on him, but decided to wait until her birthday rolled around to have his moment. He put a blindfold on her and led her around their house like he had a big surprise for her.

And did he ever have a big surprise. He packed up all her clothes and kicked her out because she cheated on him in the biggest birthday buzzkill since your parents decided to give you a sweater instead of that guitar you begged for.

Kudos to this guy for being super patient. If he had found out she was two-timing him a day after her birthday, then he waited 364 days to pull this off. Then again, maybe he found out a few hours before he picked her up and used that time to gather her wardrobe.

Either way, this guy got the last laugh. His girlfriend? Well, getting dumped and becoming homeless on your birthday is about the worst way imaginable to spend the day.

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