Remember when you went Trick-Or-Treating as a little kid? How excited you were about every single piece of candy you managed to get? Then we got older and got less and less excited about the Dum Dums and Smarties and more excited about the full sized Snickers and Milky Way bars. Now that we're adults we get to choose what we give away, and according to one woman in California what we choose says something about the social status of our neighborhood.

According to a woman in the upscale neighborhood of Rancho Cucamonga, California, is concerned about the types of candy that have been handed out in her neighborhood over the last few years and her advice was shared on Best of Nextdoor on Twitter.


Image Via Twitter
Image Via Twitter

As you can see, she genuinely has the reputation of her neighborhood in mind and is only trying to do what's right for the kiddos in their costumes. Except for the bit about Peeps. She really doesn't like Peeps.

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