The 34th Annual Hospice of Wichita Falls Tree of Lights campaign is officially underway. The star atop the Tree of Lights on the Southwest building on Kemp Boulevard was lit during the evening news last night (11.19.19). Did you see it? It was only lit for that one night and won't shine again until Hospice of Wichita Falls reaches it's fundraising goal of $275,000.

For the past 34 years Hospice of Wichita Falls has been the only non-profit, free-standing hospice in the area and has provided exceptional service night and day to our family, friends and neighbors. In fact, it's hard to find anyone in the Wichita Falls area whose life hasn't been impacted in one way or another by the care that Hospice of Wichita Falls has provided for someone they know. During the Tree of Lights campaign you have the opportunity to light a light on the tree in honor or memory of a special person in your life and there are several ways you can do that.

There will be volunteers set up at Market Street on Kell Boulevard from November 30th through December 13th, and at Sikes Senter Mall on Saturday, November 30th, and Saturday, December 7th. You can make your donations in person at either of those locations or drop by the Hospice of Wichita Falls center at 4909 Johnson Road. Online donations are accepted at their secure donation page.

The Tree of Lights campaign wraps up on Friday, December 13th, with a 10 hour broadcast from 7:00 a.m to 5:00 p.m. on 102.3 The Bull FM and if the $275,000 goal has been reached the star will be lit once again during the evening news and stay lit through the remainder of the holiday season.

Dave Diamond
Dave Diamond

Donations from this campaign enable Hospice of Wichita Falls to provide care, education, resources, support, and sometimes simply a hand to hold, to those who are facing life threatening illnesses.

It only takes a single $10 contribution to light a light for Hospice of Wichita Falls but you can light as many as you want. Contributions to Hospice of Wichita Falls are tax deductible under current IRS regulations.

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