We've all seen, and laughed, at the social media posts about not fitting into our jeans after being homebound for so long. But is it really true? A new survey from Phentermine.com says not really.

The survey included 1,000 adult Americans and tracked their actions with regard to health and weight loss. It turns out the dreaded Quarantine 15 might not be as widespread as the COVID-19.

Only about 21% say their overall diet is worse now than before the shelter in place orders began while nearly 29% said their diet is actually better. A full 25% of us say they're even eating more fruits and vegetables.

About 45% of us have been cooking more meals at home and using healthy ingredients to do so.

20% say they're snacking more, and only 10% say they're utilizing takeout and delivery more often.

The study also indicates that there are some benefits to spending more time at home with 27% saying they're getting more sleep and more than 75% say that they've begun at least one new wellness related habit.

So, is the Quarantine 15 weight gain a real thing? The results are ... inconclusive. For some, yes. For some, no. It all depends on what we choose to do with our time at home.

The full report is online at Phentermine.com.

Stay safe, stay home when you can, stay Falls Strong.


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