Ever since 1997, more and more people have embraced a new holiday. It was in the classic episode of 'Seinfeld' called 'The Strike' that we learned of Frank Costanza's alternative to Christmas celebrations: a Festivus for the rest of us!

Watch the above video which shows all the clips of the celebration and how it came to be. The official date for Festivus is December 23rd and there's some interesting traditions involved in the celebration.

It starts with putting up your Festivus pole. It's like a Christmas tree, but not decorated. Then everyone comes over for the Festivus dinner. That's where the fun really begins.

At dinner, the first Festivus tradition is the airing of grievances. Basically, you go around the room and everyone tells the others how they disappointed them in the last year.

After that comes the feats of strength. The head of the household selects one person at the dinner and challenges them to a wrestling match. According to tradition, Festivus isn't over until the head of the household gets pinned.

So, embrace these traditions today and put up that pole in your living room. It's a day of celebration. It's a Festivus for the rest of us!

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