I love the fact that every day is National Somethingorother Day. Today, January 23, happens to be National Handwriting Day. Let that soak in, hand writing. How many of us even do that any more? Maybe it's time we set our smartphones and tablets down and actually wrote something down by hand. My penmanship is why God made Microsoft Word, so hopefully reading things back later is not mandatory. Especially if I tried to write it in cursive.

If you would like to take part in National Handwriting Day here's what you can do.

Start a journal. On paper. Not on your computer.

Write a letter. In longhand. Not a quick text message with tons of abbreviations and no punctuation, an actual, sit yourself down with a pen and paper letter. If you're brave you might even mail it. Then wait to see what kind of response it gets from the other person.

Hand write your to do list for the day. No cheating with the notes function on your phone.

Compliment someone with a handwritten note or leave a nice message with your tip at the restaurant.

The options are endless and the benefits are slowing down just a bit and resynchronizing your brain and your fingers. The downside is it shows you how bad your penmanship has become since we've all gone digital.

If writing things out in longhand isn't your thing, today is also National Pie Day.


I'm thinking you can figure out what to do about that one all on your own.

Bon appetit!

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