Happy Labor Day, everyone.

But did you know that today is much more than just a day to step back from our labors and enjoy our friends and family? For fans of Star Trek: Voyager it is Seven of Nine Day since it's the seventh day of the ninth month. Seven (a.k.a. Jeri Ryan) is also someone that most of us would love to sit down and share a beer with.

Speaking of beers, the 7th of September is also National Beer Lover's Day. Every once in a while the stars are in perfect alignment and we can enjoy our Star Trek geekiness, a national holiday, and a the perfect excuse to crack a cold one all at the same time.

Whether you like ales or lagers, imports or domestics, cans or bottles, today is your day so enjoy a cold one or two with your friends this afternoon because tomorrow we all have to go back to work.

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