Today is opening day for the 2021 baseball season and President Biden isn't happy.

It actually brings me joy to say that.

Mostly I'm just happy that the baseball season is starting. The sound of the bat hitting the ball, the roar of the crowd for a big play at second base, these are wonderful things to hear. The Rangers are in Kansas City this afternoon for the first of three games against the Royals, then they'll be back home to take on the Toronto Blue Jays in the Rangers' home opener on Monday afternoon. That's where the President comes in. Not that he doesn't like baseball. Heck, he might be a huge fan for all I know. He just doesn't want a lot of people going to the games for fear of COVID-19 and Globe Life Field will be open for 100% capacity.

On the COVID front the numbers have been pretty good in Texas over the last few weeks since Governor Abbott rescinded the mask mandate. As of this afternoon the Texas DSHS website reported that we have 93,718 active cases in the state. We also have 29,000,000 people in the state so if my calculations are correct the percentage of our population with an active case right now is 0.3231655172413793. (I did that with an online percentage calculator, it's been a while since high school math.)

If we have about one third of one percent with an active case, we have 99 and two thirds percent of our population that isn't sick, right? I'm good with that.

As a side note, President Biden has declined the opportunity to toss out the 2021 season's first pitch for the Washington Nationals. Let's all hope whoever does it does better than Dr. Fauci did last summer.

Far be it from me to tell you what to do. President Biden can sit in the White House TV room and watch the games on the big screen while wearing his mask if he wants to. And you can wear your mask if you want to. Do your own research, make your own decisions, just don't let the fear of a virus keep you from enjoying your life and the occasional baseball game.

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