It has been an extremely active tornado season in Oklahoma. The Sooner State has seen over 80 tornadoes since the start of 2024. Towns have been ruined and damage has occurred in several areas across the state. Oklahoma has seen multiple different kinds of tornadoes, with the most damage coming from EF-3 and EF-4 tornadoes.

But during a recent tornado outbreak during the evening of Sunday, May 19, a "Dead Man Walking" tornado struck central Oklahoma.

What is a 'Dead Man Walking' tornado?

A "Dead Man Walking" tornado looks like a man is walking across the Earth. What's actually occurring is a multi-vortex tornado.

According to an article from New Hampshire Public Radio, the term "Dead Man Walking" for tornadoes, refers a term coined by tribal elders with the Cherokee nation. They would refer "Dead Man Walking" to tornadoes with "two simultaneous tornadoes spawned from one thunderstorm."

This often makes the tornado look like it's walking across the sky. And since tornadoes often cause death and destruction, it would represent a dead man walking.

Last documented 'Dead Man Walking' tornado in Oklahoma occurred in 2013.

Before Sunday, May 19, the last documented "Dead Man Walking" tornado to hit Oklahoma was in El Reno in 2013. According to the National Weather Service in Norman, the tornado that struck El Reno on May 31, 2013, was one of "the most dangerous storms in observing history."

'Dead Man Walking' tornado struck near Yukon, Oklahoma.

On Sunday, May 19, Oklahoma had a wild tornado outbreak with six preliminary confirmed tornadoes. It has rounded out this year's tornado season with 82 confirmed tornadoes, which is double the average of tornadoes for Oklahoma from January to May. April reached a new record for 55 tornadoes. And May still isn't over.

The tornado that struck central Oklahoma, near El Reno, Union City and Yukon, on Sunday, May 19, has been assessed as an EF-2. The tornado occurred at night and produced a multi-vortex tornado. A storm chaser for News 9, Jeromy Carter, was able to catch the "Dead Man Walking" tornado on camera.

Those who were tuning in to News 9's live coverage with Meteorologist Lacey Swope, were able to see the "Dead Man Walking" tornado live on TV.

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