It's been an exceptionally active weather season in Oklahoma. Well over 50 tornadoes have touched down in the sooner state since the beginning of the year, and storm season is nowhere close to being over.

Meteorologists and storm chasers across Oklahoma have been working overtime covering the storms to keep Oklahomans safe. And sometimes, that means getting close to danger yourself, especially if you're a storm chaser.

Oklahoma saw seven tornadoes touch down Sunday, May 19.

Sunday, May 19 ended up being a wild weather day in Oklahoma. The Sooner State had a reported seven tornadoes touch down, and luckily no fatalities have been reported. A tornado that touched down near Custer City and one near Yukon have both been deemed EF-2 tornadoes as preliminary damage surveys are underway.

Two storm chasers got into an accident during live storm coverage.

News 9 Meteorologist Lacy Swope was covering the night of storms Sunday night and had several storm chasers out in the field. One of which was the team of Val and Amy Castor.

During their live feed, viewers saw the team get into an accident.

As the live coverage continued, News 9 received various comments and messages asking if Val and Amy were okay. Later on, Swope received an update from the team confirming that they were okay but did not provide what had caused the accident. On Tuesday, Val and Amy gave an update and what had happened to News9 This Morning and on the Val Castor Facebook page.

According to the Facebook post, after the Yukon tornado had dissipated, Val and Amy got on I-40 to head east and get ahead of the storm, but somewhere west of the I-44 exit, the rear of the truck began to fish tail. Val and Amy did a full 360 in the truck, slid into the center retaining wall and tipped over onto the passenger side of the truck. News9 viewers saw all of this live streamed during the evening's storm coverage.

Motorists stopped on the road to assist Val and Amy out of the truck. They walked away with only one small scratch.

The full video of the accident is available on the News 9 official website.

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