Hurricane Beryl hit the Texas coast hard.

Hurricane Beryl Impacts Texas Coastline
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Still Suffering

The hurricane hit the Texas coast knocking out power for about two-million people (1.3 million are still without power this morning). Standing water was ten inches deep in some areas. The destructive damage of the hurricane level winds and flood waters are well past any threshold deemed a "natural disaster" yet the Governor is not in Texas. Instead, the Governor is on a privately funded trip to Taiwan and elsewhere.

Where In The World Is Greg Abbott? 

Governor Greg Abbott is currently conducting his "side-hustle" while Texas suffers. It's a really bad look for the office and someone needs to call him out. The Governor is in Taiwan trying to spur investment/tourism in the Lone Star State. The whole concept is ridiculous and sounds like a premise to a bad sitcom like, "Would you like to buy some of my newly acquired swampland?". Why would anyone invest in something that "management" is not even taking care of?

Does It Matter?

I well understand that there are any number of officials who can direct the proper agencies to respond to this disaster, but if that's the case, why even have a Governor? Maybe the Texas Governor is truly not needed and can be replaced by an Emergency Manager directing first response-type traffic. It just seems that the top dog would be in town during a major disaster.

The Whole Thing Is Sketchy

One more item, there's something about this trip being "privately funded" that smells a little funny. It seems that a relationship between Texas and any foreign country would be a pretty good idea, so why it's being done under the auspices of the Texas Economic Development and Tourism Office is a little weird. If nothing else this trip smacks of Ted Cruz bailing on Texas and heading to Cancun during a winter storm.  Even former governor Rick Perry cancelled his trip to the Republican National Convention to helm the ship when Hurricane Gustav hit Texas. Do better Governor.

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