Sophomore student, Maximus Williamson, from Keller High school near Fort Worth, recently broke a record held by Olympian Michael Phelps during the 2022 Winter Junior Nationals competition in Austin in early December.

Williamson's time for the 400-meter individual medley was 3:39.83, which was faster than Phelp's 2002 record of 3:42:08. Very impressive.

Williamson told sources at KXAN "Breaking 40 was a goal for me. I was so close to it last year...I think that's what pushed me the most."

It's always exciting to see students from Texas excel. We've certainly got some incredible athletes in the Lone Star State. I can't even imagine how excited this kid must be. Maybe the next great Olympic swimmer will be from around these parts!

It's especially impressive if you recall that Michael Phelps is also recognized as the most decorated Olympian of all time, earning a total of 28 medals over the course of his career. Those are definitely some big shoes to fill and it looks like this kiddo has a bright future in competitive athletics.

Has your kid ever broken any fancy records around Lubbock? I'd love to hear about them! Leave a comment on our article on the KFMX Facebook page if you'd like to brag about your student breaking a big record. We've got some really bright and talented kids around here. I'd love to give them a little boost and some praise with an article! You are also free to email me at

Keep showing everyone who's boss, Texas! We are so proud of you, Maximus!

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