Amazing news for Stars this morning as the team has a plan for you to watch games this upcoming season and it won't cost you a dime.

Dallas Stars and Bally Sports Part Ways

Just a few days ago, it was announced that the Dallas Stars no longer had a television contract for the upcoming 2024 season. Many fans saw this coming, but now that it was official. Many speculated what could come for the future of watching the Dallas Stars. This morning, the team announced the plan and it looks to be like a win for the fans.

The Dallas Stars Will Stream for Free This Season

The Dallas Stars announced a new streaming service that will let you watch the upcoming season for free. Note, this does affect any nationally televised games. So if a game is on ESPN or TNT you would still need a cable subscription for those. The service is being called Victory Plus TV.

Details on Victory Plus TV

For Dallas Stars fans living in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Arkansas. You will be able to tune into any regional game using the app. As long as you live within one of those four states, the games will air for free. The Stars are the first team in the NHL to have any sort of free exclusive streaming option for fans.

How Can You Download Victory Plus TV?

According to the Dallas Stars, the app will be ready in September of this year. You will be able to download it onto smart TVs, tablets or phones to tune into the majority of Dallas Stars games this season. The national TV schedule for the NHL typically comes out in August, so we will wait and see how many games will actually be on this service.

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The Stars 82 game schedule last season had twelve nationally televised games, which would not be on this new Victory Plus TV. The contract with this new streaming service runs through the 2031 season. We will wait and see how it works this fall.

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