Did you hear that Vanilla Ice will be playing in Wichita Falls this year? Let's look back on some of his crazy career moments.

Vanilla Ice Coming to Wichita Falls, Texas on September 7th 2024

^Who else saw this yesterday and thought it was fake? I was truly shocked to see that Vanilla Ice will be performing in Wichita Falls in 2024. I have to be there just to experience this show. It will be taking place at a new music venue at 1200 Scott Avenue. We're several months away from the show, but sounds like they have some pretty cool acts coming to Wichita Falls. Keep an eye for more on On Tour Live's Facebook page. Let's have some fun and look at crazy Vanilla Ice moments.

5. Random Movie Cameos

We will get to more Vanilla Ice movies later on the list, but want to give a shout out to the random scenes where Vanilla Ice just shows up in a movie. For instance, 'The New Guy' shown above. Where Vanilla Ice plays a former bouncer that now works at a record store. Pretty much just wants to kick everyone's ass and at this point Vanilla Ice was thought of as a hothead, perfect role for him.

4.The Infamous Ding/Ding Queen Controversy

Without a doubt the biggest song of Vanilla Ice's career is 'Ice Ice Baby'. Didn't take long for fans to notice it samples the beat to Queen and David Bowie's 'Under Pressure'. Vanilla Ice tries to explain how the two are different and beside his movies/music is probably the most viral Vanilla Ice Moment.

3. Vanilla Ice Board Game

People forget how big Vanilla Ice truly was in the early 90's. In fact, he has his own board game. This is real product that came out in 1991. The goal was players would grab cards to complete a rap. Once your lines were done, you would use an actual beat box it came with to do your rap out loud. You can watch an example of it above at the 5 minute mark .

2. Vanilla Ice Movie (Cool As Ice)

Once again, Vanilla Ice was huge in the early 90's. He had his own freaking movie called 'Cool As Ice' where he comes to stuck up town to liven things up. Think of it as hip hop 90's style 'Footloose'. With a tagline like,"When a girl has a heart of stone, there's only one way to melt it. Just add Ice." How could you possibly go wrong?

1. Ninja Rap (The Greatest Freestyle Ever)

Sorry, being a kid of the 90's this was going to number one. In what maybe one of the most insane scenes in movie history. The Ninja Turtles go visit the evil Shredder at his lair. Tokka and Rahzar fight the Ninja Turtles sending them flying next door. Where Vanilla Ice just so happens to be performing near the docks, for some reason. Now do the people in the crowd freak out at the sight of four giant turtles fighting a snapping turtle and giant wolf? Yes, but don't worry. Vanilla Ice comes up with a rap off the top of his head so the Ninja Turtles can kick some ass. When you think of scenes that define the 90's, it's hard to top the Ninja Turtles fighting over a Vanilla Ice freestyle.

Honorable Mention: Arsenio Hall Show

People will be mad I didn't include this one. I honestly thought Vanilla Ice kept his cool and Aresenio kinda comes off like jerk. Just my opinion though. Aresenio Hall had some crazy moments throughout the the years, but this is easily in the top five most talked about moments in that show's history.

Honorable Mention: The Surreal Life

What a strange time in reality TV this was. Just have a bunch of random celebrities living in a house and see what kind of crazy things they will do. Season 2 featured TV Star Erik Estrada, porn star Ron Jeremy, and rapper Vanilla Ice to name a few. This feels like an early 2000's fever dream, but I will admit I watched it.

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I could have included some Vanilla Ice rage interviews in here, but he seems like a chill guy nowadays. He had a home remodeling show not long ago and seems to be in a better place in his life. I will be at that Wichita Falls show because it's not everyday Vanilla Ice comes to town.

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