Sadie Robertson-Huff officially has a family of four! The former Duck Dynasty star and her husband Christian welcomed their second child — a daughter named Haven — on Monday (May 22).

"Haven has brought a touch of heaven," Robertson writes on social media alongside a carousel of photos. "May 22, 2023 at 8:30 am life got a whole lot sweeter!"

"Peep the time on our phone in slide two and the sheer joy on my face! Christian and I could not be happier and more grateful. Soaking in every single moment," she adds.

In the first photo shared, the star and her husband smile for the camera while holding their new bundle of joy. Haven is tucked in her mother's arms, wearing a white bow and a white sweater with her name on it. The next photo shows the soon-to-be parents in the delivery room as Haven makes her arrival, via C-section, photos would indicate.

The other photos show sweet moments as the family members get acquainted with one another. In one snap, the couple's first daughter, Honey, is on the bed with her mom and sister, but she looks way more interested in her baby doll than her real-life baby sister. She faces away from Haven as she plants a big kiss on her doll's face.

Judging by the last picture, it appears Robertson and her family have already been discharged from the hospital — the photo was taken outside as mom and baby are wheeled to the car to go home.

The couple first announced they were pregnant in November, revealing their second child would be a girl just a few weeks later. The Huffs welcomed their first daughter Honey in May 2021, meaning both of their girls have the same birth month.

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