Tupperware, long known for keeping your leftover meatloaf, is closing up shop in the United States, according to reports.

The company announced that they will be closing their last American factory, based in Hemingway, South Carolina, costing nearly 150 people their jobs. The company will be moving the last of their American manufacturing to Mexico, where most of the company's products are currently made. So despite the lack of physical production here in the United States, there should be no shortage on the shelves.

Tupperware was an American staple in the 1950s as "Tupperware Parties" became a powerful marketing tool as salespeople gathered friends and families together to examine, and hopefully purchase, the latest and greatest in food preservation.

The move to Mexico by Tupperware is sadly the latest in a trend that has seen American companies move production, and in some cases ownership, out of the United States. Burger King, AMC Theaters, Firestone tires and 7-Eleven are just a few companies that have made shifts out of the United States.

As for the Tupperware plant closing, the company noted that the laid-off workers were offered severance packages, early retirement and the company was willing to help employees find other employment chances locally.

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