When Jake Owen decided to make an LGBTQ-positive statement in the last week of Pride Month, posting a country version of Cher's "Believe" to his Instagram account and letting fans know that he is supportive of the community and believes "love is love," he received mostly positive comments. However, one fan in particular left a very negative message that spurred the singer to reply.

Owen did not mince words responding to the commenter who wrote, "Suddenly I feel sick that I have tickets to your show here on Thursday night."

"I'm sorry you feel sick that you have tickets to my show Thursday night," he wrote. "Maybe it would do you good to come out, smile, laugh, sing along with a bunch of strangers that are all going through what we call 'life.'"

The person went on to accuse Owen of deleting the original comment, to which the singer replied, "I definitely didn't delete your comment or anyone's comment from this feed. It's really only you and few other ignorant people that make yourself look silly."

Owen encouraged the poster to attend his show, anyway. "If you make it out to my show, come give me a hug. You need one," he advised.

Owen explained in his post that accompanies the cheerful, swinging interpretation of the dance hit: "Some of my closest friends and coworkers, are part of the #lgbt community and I couldn’t be more happy for the progress they have made. I’m inspired by people loving people no matter who you are. I BELIEVE the world needs more love." (You can hear the song above.)

He cheekily noted that he had decided to cover Cher's single by Googling "'gayest' songs of all time," adding "hope you dig," and promising to release it eventually.

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