With Halloween quickly approaching, Dancing With the Stars was full-on spooky during Monday night's (Oct. 25) show. It was Horror Night, so there was nothing light-hearted, as for Grease Night the week prior.

Jimmie Allen and his dancing partner Emma Slater were assigned a contemporary number, and they paid homage to the chilling 2018 film A Quiet Place. With a newborn baby at home, there is nothing quiet about Allen’s household, but the singer had a chance to talk about his kids in a video that played before his performance, and he shared with Slater about how he would do anything for his three children.

Because they were dancing to “Say Something” by Daniel Jang, Slater wanted to add something unique to the couple’s number. The song is quiet and instrumental, so the dance pro mixed sign language throughout, recreating similar moments from the film.

Allen did more than perform a dance: He told a story through the movement. Not only did the singer receive applause from fans at the end of the number, he also left the dancefloor in a puddle of tears. He told the judges that the overall theme of this dance, and how he’d stop at nothing to protect his children, clicked as soon as the music started playing, and he was overcome with emotion.

Each of the DWTS judges affirmed that Allen had captivated them through his storytelling in his movement. A stunned Allen racked in two of his first 10s, receiving an overall score of 38 out of 40.

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