Joey + Rory's daughter, Indiana Feek, is so grown up that she's starting to lose her teeth.

Rory Feek, her dad, shared a new series of photos of his daughter with fans. Indy turned six on Feb. 17, and she has a somewhat toothless smile to show for it.

The before and after photos (swipe to see) show Indy flashing an adorable smile with all of her teeth in place, followed by one that reveals her front tooth missing. Feek also included a video of her covering her mouth as he beckons, "Let me see your teeth!" before she again unveils the missing tooth, throwing in a playful grin for fun.

He ends the gallery with a sweet selfie with his daughter, both beaming.

"… growing up way too’f fast," Feek says in the caption, making a funny play on words. He also revealed that the tooth is nowhere to be found — she may have swallowed it!

"One day after her 6th birthday, Indy had a wiggly front tooth and a pretty smile. Yesterday, after lunch, she had less teeth and even prettier smile! #toothfairywhatdowedo? #ithinkitsinhertummywithherlunch!"

Indiana Feek was born in 2014 to Feek and his wife Joey Feek, who died after a battle with cervical cancer in March 2016. For eight years, the couple were country music duo Joey + Rory, releasing several studio albums and winning a Grammy Award in 2017 for Best Roots Gospel Album for Hymns That Are Important to Us.

The husband and wife's journey while Joey was battling cancer and Rory's honest, but positive outlook on life in the wake of her death became the focus of his blog, This Life I Live, that is now the subject of a TV show of the same name. The show began airing in January 2020 on RFD-TV and centers around Feek's daily life. The couple was also the focus of The Joey + Rory Show, which ran on RFD-TV from 2012 to 2014. Re-runs are still airing on the network.

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