Game of Thrones actress Josephine Gillan, who played Marei the prostitute in Littlefinger's brothel in early seasons, took to her social media accounts to claim that her child was "kidnapped" this month.

Gillan's 8-month-old daughter, Gloria, was allegedly taken by Israeli social services on August 7. Earlier this year, social services reportedly took Gloria to Gillan's friend's house to be cared for while Gillan overcame post-natal depression.

The actress wrote on her GoFundMe that social services returned to her friend's house three months later, at 12:30 in the morning, to take Gloria to another family. Gillan claimed that she is not allowed to see her baby or make any contact with the family. Gillan added she doesn't even know where Gloria is currently.

Gillan shared that she was not present at the time of the baby's removal and that the family was just as shocked as she was. She insisted that neither she nor her friend's family had done "anything wrong."

"They threatened to take my friend to jail if she doesn't give our Gloria! They marched her out with police either side of her and took her away into the night! What Israeli social services have done is illegal and I'm fighting to get her back," Gillan wrote.

Gillan asked her followers and GoFundMe supporters for any donations to help with legal costs, as well as for their prayers.

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