It's been 15 years since Josh Turner and his wife Jennifer co-starred in the steamy music video for his hit love song from 2005, "Your Man." In the clip, the couple embark on a romantic getaway to a hotel, and various scenes show them dancing their way down the halls, stealing kisses in the elevator and dancing in their room.

Now, Turner has released a new version of the music video, once again co-starring his wife and revisiting the same scenes where they shot the original "Your Man" video. The new clip serves as a second chapter to the same couple's love story, and one that's just as romantic — albeit a little more mature, after several years and four children together.

For example, the modern-day version of the "Your Man" video features a quick FaceTime call from the couple's kids, who check in from home while Mom and Dad are enjoying their night out.

"Obviously being 15 years later, we are with children and life has changed for us," the singer explains to People, which premiered the revisited version of the video. "A lot has happened. And so it was cool, you know, not just on a professional level, but a personal level, to look back and appreciate that kind of stuff."

All long-term relationships have their challenges, and Turner stresses that his marriage to Jennifer is no exception. The singer credits their mutual faith, similar values and commitment to each other for keeping the couple as close as they are today.

"We've had a lot of challenges and hurdles that we had to overcome, but we've just continued to do what God's called us to do," he reflects. "Our God never promises that it will be easy. So, we just keep pressing forward and taking it one day at a time."

When Turner first released "Your Man" to country radio, it was the lead single from and title track of his second studio album, which came out in January of 2006. In June, Turner released a 15th anniversary deluxe version of the album, featuring all 11 original songs as well as collaborations with the likes of John Anderson, Dr. Ralph Stanley and many more. The new version of the project also includes live renditions of "Your Man" and another hit single, "Would You Go With Me," as well as the fan-favorite track "Me and God."

Reflecting on the process of making the new "Your Man" video, Turner says the experience was a chance to look back on how far he's come, both professionally and in his personal life. It was also uncharted territory — both in his career and also, perhaps, in the genre as a whole.

"I don't think anybody has done this, where the same people go back and recreate the video from 15 years prior, in the same location. When I saw the first edit, I just sat there, and I was speechless," he relates. "Once you think you've done it all, you haven't."

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