Kacey Musgraves once again won big for her album, Golden Hour, at the 2019 ACM Awards on Sunday, (April 7) with two wins.

Musgraves took home the ACM Female Artist of the Year and Album of the Year honors. She spoke backstage at the press conference about her wins, and how she created a different brand of country and a unique style.

"If you do have a unique sound or unique style or perspective to offer, you're going to be told that it's too different or that it's not going to work or it doesn't make sense...and that's, truthfully, just the industry being lazy," she said.

Even though she hasn't seen immense support from country radio, critics and fans alike have praised her truthfulness in her music.

"Money does drive a lot of things in this industry, and sometimes, the focus can be too much on what is easy, what has worked before. But that's not how we got all of our icons that we know and love today," Musgraves explained.

The singer went on to speak about how the country legends we know and love today broke rules and created the new norm. "At one point, they were pushing a lot of buttons, they were very inflammatory, and they eventually created the new normal, so it is going to take labels and radio being more fearless and taking a creative chance on things that are weren't being heard," she noted.

Aise from her new ACM titles, Musgraves is the reigning CMA Album of the Year winner. Golden Hour also won Best Country Album and the all-genre Album of the Year title at the 2019 Grammy Awards.

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