It's been a while since we've been able to go to a movie or a concert, but you can do a little bit of both when Encore Drive-In Nights presents Kane Brown at 300 drive-in movie theaters across the country this weekend. Including the Graham Drive-In Theater in Graham, Texas.

Kane's is another in a series of drive-in movie theater presentation with concerts created specifically for the events and this Saturday's Kane Brown event also includes performances from Granger Smith, Lauren Elaina, and Jimmie Allen. This show is one night only, Saturday, September 26th, and begins shortly after sunset. That's going to be around 7:30 or so this weekend.

As with all of these events, the ticket price is for the vehicle so pick something with seating for up to six, gather up your friends and go catch Kane Brown and Friends under the stars.

The online Early Bird price is $56 per carload, if you wait until Saturday night you'll pay $76. When you split that up between you and your friends that's actually a pretty low price for a really fun time. While you're there be sure to take advantage of the Graham Drive-In Theater's concession stand, those concession sales can make the difference between staying in business and closing up shop.

As with all of the Encore Drive-In Nights shows there are some basic rules to keep in mind. We live in a world of COVID-19 now so use the typical precautions like face masks when you're in a public space, keep some sanitizer in your vehicle, park with an empty space or two between you and the vehicle near you. It's OK to set up folding chairs to watch the show from outside your vehicle, just keep everything near your parking space so you don't crowd anyone else.

Of course, Graham Drive-In Theater is a family friendly venue so absolutely no drugs or alcohol will be allowed and no guns will be permitted. Violating the rules means the theater is free to remove you from the show.

Drive-In Movie Theaters are cool again and so is Kane Brown, gather up your cool friends and have a good time before the drive-in movie theater season is over.

You can keep up with the latest information on this and other movie and concert events by following the Graham Drive-In Theater Facebook page.

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