Hours after he released his new album Ripcord, Keith Urban appeared on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon for a hilarious performance inspired by the website FMyLife.com, where people post about their terrible days.

As Fallon explained the premise behind the website, he informed the audience that he and Urban are actually in a country music duo called FML. He then put on his black cowboy hat and picked up an acoustic guitar to join Urban side stage for an animated performance.

The new duo borrowed some posts from the website to make into country songs as Urban tried his best to hold back laughter. Urban's first song: finding a man peeing on his garden gnome. Fallon then sings of getting a yearbook back at school in which his name was misspelled from James to Lames.

The worst story though, Fallon and Urban sang together as a duet. The duo borrowed a tale from the website that is the perfect storyline to a country song if there ever was one. A man's ex stole his car keys, but she can't drive stick. So, she decided to set his car on fire instead!

Urban's eighth studio release includes several tracks co-written by the singer. On tracks that he didn't have a hand in writing, he says he is often able to channel a past experience to emote while singing the song. One song in particular, "That Could Still Be Us," he drew from personal experience.

“I hadn’t heard that in a song quite so simplistically put — 'That Could Still Be Us.' The fact that you can close your eyes and it still is— that inability to let go of something and imagining what could’ve been is just strong. I thought it was an incredible song,” Urban says of the song, written by Jason Duke, Jesse Lee and Jonathan Price.

Urban's Ripcord is out now.

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