Lady Antebellum is preparing for their first-ever performance as musical guest on Saturday Night Live this weekend. Some country acts have been fortunate enough to get the coveted musical guest slot more than once on SNL, now in it's 37th season.

Willie Nelson - 3 times (Dec 10 '77, Feb 21 '87, May 22 '93)

His first appearance was in the middle of the outlaw movement. On his second he pulled double duty as both musical guest and host. On his third he shared the musical guest slot with Paul Simon.

Garth Brooks - 3 times (Mar 14 '92, Feb 28 '98, Nov 13 '99)

At the time of his fist appearance "Papa Loved Mama" was on the radio. For his second he did like Willie did in '87 - filled both the host and musical guest roles. He would repeat that feat for his third appearance. Well, kinda. He turned in to Chris Gaines for some of it. We're still scratchin' our heads over that one.

Anne Murray - 2 times (Jan 10 '76, Apr 12 '80)

Known more as a pop act at the time of her first performance. Beginning to establish herself as a country star during the second. "Daydream Believer" had hit #1 on both the pop and country charts just weeks before the '80 performance.

Carrie Underwood - 2 times (Mar 24 '07, Feb 23 '08)

Her first appearance may have been overshadowed a bit by the appearance of that episode's host - a guy named Peyton Manning. When she appeared the second time, her song "All-American Girl" was just a couple weeks away from being #1.

Taylor Swift - 2 times (Jan 10 '09, Nov 7 '09)

'09 was a pretty good year for her. She embarked on her 1st headlining tour just a couple months after the first appearance. She sold out Madison Square Garden in less than 60 seconds a couple months prior to her second appearance, which she served as both musical guest and host.