Finally, something positive to come from the untimely passing of Harry Patterson.

One of Harry's ongoing passions was helping veterans and his family and friends have stepped up to match donations to the Veteran's Memorial Plaza at Lake Wichita up to $200,000. When the total goal of $400,000 is reached the Lake Wichita Revitalization Committee will officially rename the plaza in honor of Harry Patterson.

Among his many philanthropic efforts in the Wichita Falls area, veterans were always a high priority for Harry Patterson so this would truly be a fitting memorial to someone who has given so much to our community over the years.

David Coleman with the Lake Wichita Revitalization Committee told KAUZ,

In the midst of this horrible tragedy, we’re hoping that at least something good can spring from it. We really want to dedicate this plaza to the memory of Harry Patterson.

The Veteran's Memorial Plaza will be located at the Lake Wichita Boat Ramp along Kemp Boulevard and when completed will be a place for veterans to come and find solace.

The drive for donations was begun on Monday, April 6th, and as of April 13th had already raised $80,000 .Donations can be made through the Wichita Falls Area Community Foundation. To make sure that your donation will be matched you're asked to mention "Veteran's Plaza Fund in honor of Harry Patterson" when you make your donation.

Secure online donations can be made on the Wichita Falls Area Community Foundation's donation page.

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