Lanco are showing fans another level of their identity with two new songs. Their brand-new single, "What I See," and "Old Camaro" tell stories that will be familiar to anyone who's lived in a small town.

"What I See," which readers can hear above, was written by the band's Brandon Lancaster, Tripp Howell and Chandler Baldwin, along with Jeremy Spillman. The band got the idea for the song "after our bus picked us up in this little random parking lot with just a rundown bar and restaurant," Lancaster shares in a press release.

"To us, it might have been insignificant, as we were just passing through, but to someone, it could be a landmark. This could be the place where someone spent all their Friday nights or had their first fender-bender in high school," he continues. "We started talking about all our upbringings, and realized that we all have those places in our own towns that meant something to us, whether it’s the football field or just an exit sign. Though insignificant to most, they are part of our stories, so this song shines a light on the idea that there’s more than meets the eye."

"Old Camaro," meanwhile, follows a couple in love. Lanco sing about a pair of young lovers who find themselves trapped in a small town with nothing but each other and the classic car.

"You and me in an old Camaro / Whole lot of love and a little dinero / The world in the tail lights and a little bit scared, oh," go the lyrics. "Just you and me / Three on the tree / In an old Camaro."

Lanco released their debut album, Hallelujah Nights, in 2018. In March, they debuted a brand-new song, "Rival," the first from a forthcoming sophomore album, and the band admits adjusting to life in the spotlight has changed the way they're thinking about their music.

"There’s now an expectation that’s never been there before," Lancaster reflects. "How do we live up to it? We went in the first time naive, [thinking] this is just fun, and there’s this innocence. Okay, do you capture that? Or do you check yourself and go, 'What can we do better this time? What can we learn from it?'"

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