Are you ready for a Zombie Apocalypse? According to a new survey on YouGov only about 14% of us have a plan. It breaks down to be about 24% of millennials, 15% of the gen-x crowd, and only 6% of the baby boomers. Out of the people surveyed, 6% said they'd just start killing zombies, and maybe survivors if they weren't quite sure about them. 12% of the respondents who had a plan refused to reveal any of the details, apparently fearing that the survey would make its way to the zombies and they plan would be ruined. And 2% said they'd switch sides and join forces with the zombies.

October being Zombie Preparedness Month, now seems a good time to look at what those who are preparing listed as their top five priorities,

Number 1, of course, is a ready supply of guns and ammo.

Number 2 is a safe place to hide and regroup with family and trusted non-zombie friends.

Number 3 is a pre-gathered supply of food.

Number 4 is a safe place to relocate to. Obviously this would be somewhere away from a city and in a defensible location.

Number 5 on the list is to actually meet up with family and friends because there is a certain safety in numbers.

Dave Diamond
Dave Diamond

Lest you think this is a joking matter it is important to note that the CDC has a web page dedicated to what to do in case of a Zombie attack.

There's even a town in North Carolina staging their own Zombie Apocalypse Survival Test. Each person will have 60 minutes to gather what they need and survive one night in a Zombie Contamination Zone.

Fun and games aside, using an impending zombie attack as your motivation, it's always good to have a general emergency kit and plan for your household. Here's what FEMA recommends.

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