Something out of this world is coming to Jacksboro, Texas.

Several years ago Jacksboro built some newer, bigger, better sports fields and the old ones were left to die a slow, painful death of neglect on the outskirts of town. Nobody really had a use for the facilities and nobody really wanted the land so it just sat there. Until a company called Back To Space showed up with some funding and a plan.

The plan is to recreate the surface of the moon in map form in a facility that you and I can walk through. The Lunar Landscape Experience will have an explorable map, along with virtual and augmented reality technology, a lunar gravity simulator, even a timed obstacle course.

According to representatives from Back To Space and WFAA it will encompass 25,000 square feet of inside and outside space when completed.

When finished the Lunar Landscape Experience will be the biggest map on Earth and have more technology than the rocket that took man to the moon in 1969.

Back To Space began as a dream of Danielle Roosa, the granddaughter of Apollo 14 astronaut, Stuart Roosa, and has taken on the mission of bringing the next generation to new frontiers, while at the same time creating a renewed interest in space for people of all ages. The next space goal is to walk on Mars, and for some, the dream of being a part of that process just might be launched in a small town in North Texas.

Back To Space hopes to have the Lunar Landscape Experience open to the public sometime in the spring of 2021 and it will all be just down the road in Jacksboro, Texas.

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