Fans asked, and Maggie Baugh delivered. The singer, songwriter and talented instrumentalist just dropped a music video for a piano version of her song "Drinking to the Broken Hearts." It adds original vulnerability.

The Florida-born country singer is letting Taste of Country readers see the performance first. It's simple staging, with close-ups of Baugh singing with her eyes closed mixed with shots of piano keys gently tapping the strings. She is gentle, at least at first. As her emotions build through the final chorus, her approach becomes more and more aggressive. Yet she never breaks the fragility of the original, acoustic guitar version she wrote with Barrett Baber.

"I wanted to not only showcase my different sides as a musician, but to present another angle of emotion as a songwriter," Baugh shares. "There is something so powerful about the vulnerability and rawness of just a piano and a vocal. I believe it brings the story to a whole new level and lets the listener discover a new perspective that they might not have realized existed before."

"Drinking to the Broken Hearts" salutes anyone suffering through that kind of gut-wrenching letdown. At the chorus she calls out the boys first — the ones doing shots of whiskey at the bar all alone, hoping that enough will kill her memory for a night. Then she turns to the girls.

"This one's for the girls on the bathroom floor / Wishing that he'd walk back through that door / All cried out, hair in a mess / Phone on the right and a bottle on the left / Raise one up for what love tore apart / Because tonight we're drinking, drinking to the broken hearts."

Baugh first teased the song just after Christmas, and dropped the audio to digital streaming platforms last month. On Thursday (Feb. 10), she's revealing the new music video before pushing it to all platforms on Friday (Feb. 11).

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