I think the man in this video can really identify with the message in Limp Bizkit's 1999 smash hit "Break Stuff."

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It's just one of those days
Where you don't want to wake up
Everything is f****d
Everybody sucks
You don't really know why
But you want to justify
Rippin' someone's head off


Sir, Back Away From the Window!

The video at the bottom of this article opens with a man who appears to be in his 70s facing what looks to be a restaurant judging by the window treatments. A security guard is brandishing something that looks like a can of pepper spray. The man turns around and get's in a fighter's stance for a second or two.


Having second thoughts, Rocky Bal-No-Uh over here decides to move along across the street.

Don't Make Me Use My Stop Sign!

So, as this Mike Tyson-on-Crack walks through the crosswalk, he squares up to the female attendant, who has her handheld stop sign raised over her head like she's about to deliver a WWE-style chair shot.


Muhammad Golly once again balks and continues his way to the other side of the street.


I Just Want to Punch Something. ANYTHING.

Finally, he reaches something that can't fight back.  A trash can.  In what can only be described as the most pathetically frustrated move he could have mustered, Floyd May-Not-Weather grabs the bin and hurls it toward traffic as one little piece of trash flies toward the camera.

Aaaaaand Scene

That's where our tale ends.  Check out the video below, and remember kids, keep your hands to yourself.

"it's Chuck Norris a little messed up"

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