A recent survey shows that millions of Americans aren't sure where chocolate milk comes from.

The Innovation Center for US Dairy commissioned a survey to find out how much Americans know about milk, and the results are disappointing. The survey found that 7% of Americans truly believe chocolate milk comes from brown cows. Not that the milk used to mix together chocolate milk comes from brown cows, but that the chocolate milk comes straight from the udders of brown cows. While 7% doesn't seem like a big number, on a national scale that comes to 16.4 million people who don't know the basics of chocolate milk. On top of that, 48% said they weren't sure where chocolate milk comes from. Again, on a national scale, that comes to 154.2 million people.

IFL Science and the Wall Street Journal points out that such a ridiculous response to such a survey isn't anything new, citing a study from the Department of Agriculture in the 90s that showed 1 out of 5 American adults didn't know that hamburgers were made with meat from cows. Other similar surveys showed a concerning ignorance of agriculture and nutrition, showing that adults and children in school weren't aware what cows and other farm life eat, that pickles are made from cucumbers, and lettuce and onions are veggies.

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