One of the many difficult things about life during the coronavirus pandemic is juggling work and child care.

Here in Wichita Falls, parents have been given the choice between in-class or remote learning for the upcoming school year. For many working parents the only option is to send their kids back to school as working remotely isn’t an option for everyone. conducted a survey asking 1,000 working parents with children under the age of 15 how they are balancing work and child care responsibilities during the pandemic.

The survey discovered the vast majority of those who responded are concerned about sending their kids back to the classroom. 64% said they are at least somewhat concerned about sending their children back to school or daycare, while 35% are very uncomfortable sending them back.

The study also found that if schools and daycares don’t reopen and stay open, 73% of people surveyed will have to make significant changes at work. 44% said they will be forced to amend their schedules. 21% will have to search for a different job. And 15% responded that they would leave the workforce entirely.

It will be interesting to see how employers respond if schools and daycares aren’t allowed to reopen. No company wants to lose a good employee, so flexibility and benefits tailored to meet the demands of life during the coronavirus pandemic will be crucial to employee retention.

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