Even the Marines are getting in on the action in the streets of Austin. 

In case you’ve been living under a rock, Austin has changed quite a bit since the good old days when it was known as the place to go to relax and enjoy some live music. Not that there’s not plenty of great live music in our state capital, it’s just that the folks down there can’t seem to relax anymore.

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I come across a video of a fight on 6th Street about once every week or so. And of course, I watch it and then share it on our website. 

However, the latest fight video is a first for me. 

This time around, the drunken warriors of the streets of Austin messed with the wrong bunch – a group of young Marines. Now, I’m sure there have been plenty of Marines involved in fights in Austin, just not while they’re decked out in their dress blues. 

Lucky for the civilian dudes, the fight is broken up by the police before things get too out of hand. Otherwise, they may have found themselves in the hospital when all was said and done.

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