Most people know Mark Cuban as either the owner of the Dallas Mavericks, or a reality TV star on the hit TV show Shark Tank. However, most don’t know that he is actually involved in several other business ventures. In fact, he originally made his fortune as one of the early pioneers of online streaming, with

Now Mark Cuban has started on his next business, The Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Co. However, this isn’t just another pharmaceutical company, but an online pharmacy, available to the general public. While Cuban aims to make a profit with his new business, his mission is to provide prescription drugs at a lower, and more affordable cost to families. According to a recent Gallop poll, about 10% of Americans aren’t able to take the prescription medications that they need, because of the high cost associated with the drug. Cuban hopes that his new pharmacy will help stop this problem, and get the lifesaving medications to those who need them most.

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In order to accomplish this, his new company is planning on building a new pharmaceutical factory in Dallas, that will manufacture over 100 generic brand drugs.  The online pharmacy, known as Cost Plus Drugs, is open for business. Patients can log on to the website today, ask their doctor to send their prescriptions to the pharmacy, and have their medication delivered to their home.

So how does Mark Cuban keep drug prices so cheap? Well, the company is actually registered as a pharmaceutical wholesaler, which allows them to bypass the middleman, which usually drives up the cost of most prescription drugs.

Let’s face it.  High prescription prices effects everyone. Even if you can afford the cost of the drugs, that money that you save, could be spent elsewhere. Not only will this new online pharmacy help get medication to those who need it most, but it will save families all across the country thousands of dollars each year.

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