What is Mark Cuban up to?

I had to do a double take when I saw Yahoo! Finance was reporting that he had bought an entire city in Texas. But no, my eyes weren’t playing tricks on me. He really bought an entire city.

Okay, maybe calling it a city is a big ol’ stretch seeing as it has a population of 23. But Mustang, Texas is now the property of Mark Cuban.

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The town was originally put on the market for $4 million in 2017. However, the price was eventually lowered to $2 million.

It sounds like it was an offer that he just couldn’t refuse because he’s not even sure what he wants to do with it, if he even does anything at all. But we’re talking about 77 acres right off of Interstate 45 about an hour south of Dallas, so I would be surprised if he doesn’t do something with it.

Stryker’s theory is that he bought it because of the name and plans to use it to somehow promote the Dallas Mavericks, which makes sense. Who knows? Maybe he’ll build a pro shop there.

Mustang came into being back in 1973, thanks to most of Navarro County being dry. It was the only place in the county to get alcohol until the county changed its liquor laws in the 1990s.

These days it’s home to a trailer park and a rundown strip club, but there’s no word as to whether or not either is still in business.

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