The overall goal at Faith Mission is to provide Christ-centered programs and services that lead the homeless in our area to self-sufficiency. Thanks to a very generous donor, the goal this month is to raise $100,000 to achieve that mission.

Faith Mission opened their first Wichita Falls homeless shelter in 1958. Today they operate two refuge centers and two transitional houses and have helped countless individuals in our community.

Wichita Falls Faith Mission has joined all of their services and programs under their Social Services Initiative. Those services include homeless shelters, case management, addition recovery, job readiness, and transitional support housing. It frequently takes a combination of services to get someone back on their feet and back to being a productive member of society.

All of those services take a lot of money, and thanks to an anonymous and very generous donor, donations made during the month of June will be matched up to $50,000. Donate $100, it becomes $200. Donate $1,000, it becomes $2,000. If the full $50,000 match amount is reached, Faith Mission will have raised $100,000 this month.

Wichita Falls Faith Mission via Facebook
Wichita Falls Faith Mission via Facebook

Donations can be made by texting FAITHWF to 833-245-6122 or by clicking on the Donate button on Faith Mission's website.

Faith Mission does not receive any local, state, or federal government money, so all of those programs and services are funded directly by members of the community. The matching challenge this month means that your donation will go twice as far as toward completing their mission.

Homelessness doesn't take a vacation, and neither does the Wichita Falls Faith Mission. This matching challenge is only valid for the month of June so if you'd like to double the value of your donation you'll need to make it by June 31st.

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