There's a saying in the theatre world, "The show must go on."

That is sometimes much easier to do than other times.

Matilda The Musical will open this Friday evening in historic Wichita Theatre in downtown Wichita Falls. It was supposed to have opened last summer, then the whole coronavirus pandemic thing pretty much put a stop to that. Eventually things settled down and they settled on an opening date of February 19, 2021. The Great Snowpocalypse brought that idea to a slip-sliding halt. Finally, a new date of this Friday, February 26th, was set. And even with the extreme cold breaking a water pipe or two backstage, this date looks like it's gonna stick.

Wichita Theatre via Facebook
Wichita Theatre via Facebook

According to the Wichita Theatre Facebook page the show is packed with high-energy dance numbers and catchy songs and tells the story of a special little girl with an extraordinary imagination.

While I'm not familiar with the story, I do know that ever since last March when everything got shut down, the cast, crew, and management of the Wichita Theatre have been working tirelessly to keep this historic part of our downtown going. Now that COVID-19 restrictions make public performances possible again they're back at it. Of course all current CDC restrictions and guidelines will be in place and that means that ticket sales are considerably more limited for shows. It also means that masks will be required, and that your snack order will be delivered to you in your seats. Think about that. With a little more space between your group and the rest of the audience, and snacks delivered right to your seat, this new way of doing things is starting to sound pretty sweet.

Matilda The Musical is scheduled to run weekends from February 26th through March 13th. Tickets are available on the Wichita Theatre website, with adult tickets priced at $23, kids and students getting in for $12. If you have questions, you can always call the theatre box office at 940-723-9037.

The Wichita Theatre was constructed as an opry house in 1908 and has served as a downtown Wichita Falls entertainment venue for countless performances and films for over a century. It's nice to know that even a global pandemic and snow storm of Biblical proportions can't keep the Wichita Theatre down. After all, the show must go on.

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